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If there is one thing that every mum in business can agree on it’s that there are never enough hours in the day!  Juggling kids, family, business and personal time is a hard task.  We asked some of our biz mums for their top tips for time management in business.  Here is the list of the top 10:

1.    Spend an hour a week scheduling your social media posts on Facebook and Twitter to avoid those hours during the week when you sit thinking "Now what should I post on social media". Joni Edson, SBMPR

2.    Write yourself up a time budget. Schedule in all the things you need to fit into your week with the essentials first and then the luxuries. I also don't blog unless I have the passion/urge/motivation to. Otherwise it's painful, takes longer, and wastes time. Kelly Burch, Dog Rose Healing

3.    A great tip for time management in business is to order your office supplies such as toner cartridge online and save yourself time running around at the shops. Alli Price, Motivating Mum

4.    Create email rules and email templates for those emails that are recurring so you don't need to keep typing them out each time. Kirsty Wilson, Interim Business Solutions

5.    When writing your daily 'to do' list, write your tasks out in order of priority so you are concentrating on high priority tasks first. Cristina Masci, Absolutely Gorgeous

6.    Write a list every night before you go to bed. The next day you can get straight on with my day. Janina Lear, Piccadilly Market

7.    When prioritising daily tasks, it’s often worth doing the task you least enjoy first. It's much easier to do the tasks you enjoy when you’re exhausted at the end of the day. Liza Simpson, The Naked Cupcake Bar

8.    For a task that you know you want to avoid like the plague such as bookwork schedule it in & act on it for just 10mins. You will end up finding that once you have started on it that you will usually complete it. JUST START IT. Allie Williams, Allie Bee Handmade Creations

9.    Keep your email software closed except for when you're planning to deal with emails (schedule this 2-3 times during the day). Then you can focus on real work without distractions. Cath Connell, Leaf. Paper for Life

10.    Make time on a Sunday to review your diary, the 'to do list' and events happening in the coming week so you are better prepared. On a daily basis allocate specific time frames i.e. 9am - 10am to action tasks like contacting people either by direct phone or email - this will also assist you in how you run the rest of the day, based on any further action that is required. Then tackle your email inbox. Robyn Amott, Bless this Mess

As you can see there are so many simple things you can do to improve your time management in business.  Implement just a few of them and you may be surprised how organised you feel!

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