Facebook Page Back Up Lost DataHow Would You Feel If Facebook Shut Down? It sounds rather dramatic, and at first I defiantly think “I wouldn’t care!” But the truth is as a business that has built a community around our Facebook page and as a Mum who has posted a gazillion pictures; I’d actually feel pretty disappointed.

Recently my BusinessMums’ Club Member, Linda Anderson of Mums on The Go contacted me concerned. Her Facebook page was acting strange, with posts gone and her logo missing. I logged in from all the browsers I had and the more we looked, the more it seemed to slip away.

Linda recounts “My Facebook page is a critical part of Mums on the Go as a business.I took it for granted that all the information there was secure, but as I watched scheduled posts, insights, cover image etc disappear before my eyes I realised how vulnerable this aspect of my business is. I really believed that day I was about to lose everything contained there and I felt ill at the thought of having to rebuild my community and valuable content from scratch.”

This got me thinking about my business and so many of my clients; we have built up our businesses on Facebook. Some use it as their sole online presence, others to complement a broader social media and online strategy. But what would happen if it shut down tomorrow? Have we written down everyone’s names? Do we have copies of all the valuable content we have shared?

So when CEO of SocialSafe Julian Ranger, contacted Alli and I to ask if we thought Mums in our network would want to hear about SocialSafe, I instantly said yes!

Checking out their website, I was immediately struck by their tag-line “Create your very own, totally private, digital journal simply by backing up your social networks.” As a marketer and also as a mum, SocialSafe clicked with me immediately. It offered the ability to privately and comprehensively back up all my social networks in one convenient place. What’s not to love? I downloaded my trial straight away and have backed up 5 or 6 times already.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Julian last week, learning about where the idea came from, how they see it being used and where it’s going in the future.

With all my research and snooping around, here are my top 10 reasons why I think you should get on SocialSafe right now:

  1. Your safe is your own. Your data is stored on your computer and the only person who sees it is you.
  2. Backing up means no more fear of page shut downs, hacking or unexplained data losses.
  3. It backs up Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Viadeo. With Pinterest and RSS feeds coming in the next update. Click this link to learn more.
  4. Each backup adds to a searchable archive of everything you have said and done on all your social media networks.
  5. The sooner you start using it the better. Every back up adds to your historical story.
  6. It allows easier analysis of interaction trends, followers in and out, and cross network engagement.
  7. As an added bonus if you post one photo across all networks it collates all the feedback against just one file.
  8. If, like me, you're a busy mum who hasn’t started writing in the baby record book, try searching on bubs name and watch all those milestones you bragged about come up in one easy to copy down spot.
  9. If you’re a mum with teens and you want to casually keep an eye on their online activities, backups can mean you can monitor for swearing or inappropriate content.
  10. It’s unbelievably affordable, under $5 a year! And there is a free 30 day trial.

With all the time we spend on Facebook (MumsNow reports 83% of Mums spend up to 3 hours a day!) and social media it’s reassuring to have an option to take control of our data and protect it. My advice: use the Free Version once and you’ll be hooked, and if you’re not convinced wait till you have backed up once or twice and then try again.

SocialSafe - Create your very own, totally private, digital journal simply by backing up your social networks.

Mary-Anne Amies heads up Wise Up Marketing Solutions, bringing over 12 years of “big brand” marketing experience to small business owners. Mary-Anne is passionate about providing practical, affordable and easy to implement advice to help small business grow. B: The A-Z of Marketing T: @WiseUp_Hoots F:WiseUpMarketingSolutions.

Mary-Anne has partnered with Alli to form MumsNow, a research agency dedicated to profiling Aussie Mums, now.