Social media etiquette

Written by Alli Price

Another day, another post on my Facebook page that I have to hide. I don’t know about you but I swing between understanding and exasperation at the constant spamming on my business page. I am forever wondering how people don’t get the etiquette of social media and what can be the best way of explaining it as the message doesn’t seem to be getting through.

social media etiquette, mum in business, wahm, mumpreneur

Then it occurred to me – as this is a virtual world there aren’t the repercussions that exist in the real world. I am sure that most of the people who’s posts I am hiding are completely unaware of what’s happening (in fact, I’m sure they are as they keep posting anyway!). And don’t we just unfollow or unlike if they get too much? And even if they’re aware of this change, they’re not sure why and so they just keep going on their merry spamming way.

So, how to change this? Let people know that they should relate this virtual world to the real world. With this one simple piece of information, even if they’re unsure of the rules they should be able to divine them. Here are a few examples:

  1. Think of someone’s Facebook business page as their physical business. Would you just go in and put up your business flyers or would you ask first?
  2. Think of Twitter as a massive networking event. Would you just walk in and yell out that you have a sale on or would you get to know people first?
  3. Think of Linkedin Groups as a mastermind group. Wouldn’t you find out the do’s and don’ts of the group before interacting?
  4. Think of your blog as your fave magazine. Which do you spend time reading? All the ads or the informative and interesting articles? social media etiquette, mum in business, wahm, mumpreneur

Hopefully by following this simple rule, although you can’t easily see the outcome of your social media actions you can do your best to make sure they are positive.

Cheers! Alli

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19 Responses to Social media etiquette

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  2. Colin Wee says:

    I hear you, Alli! I’ve not been far away. Did you see my hand poking out of the water waving at everyone? :-) COlin

  3. Bella says:

    Couldn’t agree more … it gets to me on Twitter too. It just makes me determined I’m not going to have anything to do with them! I didn’t decide to be self employed to turn into a marketing machine … really it was so I got to drink coffee with awesome peeps and call it a ‘business meeting’! -laugh-

    so if anyone wants to go for coffee, I’m the person to call! :D -brandishes stack of receipts!-

    • Alli says:

      Bella » A woman after my own heart – why else would you go into biz if not for the extensive opportunities to escape the office and ‘do business’ in coffee shops?!

  4. Kelly Exeter says:

    Perfectly put Alli!!

  5. Colin Wee says:

    Only 4 points? I would definitely expand on this post! You’re doing great!

  6. Nathalie says:

    You are just simply amazing, Brilliant post and totally agree with you. Nx

  7. Mandy says:

    I don’t have that problem at the moment. Maybe I’m not successful enough, lol. but you are right, if you want to share information about something you’re doing, relate it to the person your sharing it with, they’ll be a lot more receptive.

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  9. Kylie Doak says:

    Hi Alli

    I love the analogies you’ve used to explain this and hope the message gets through to those offending!

    I do believe there are plenty of people who are spamming others who don’t actually understand that’s what they’re doing, and/or that’s it’s offensive to others because it’s not offensive to them; however I’m sure there are just as many who are well aware of what they’re doing and simply don’t care!

    I’ve bookmarked this post should I need to refer anyone to it! :)

    ~ Kylie ~

  10. Phew that’s a relief!! Thanks for clearing that up x. Oh and well that’s just rude throwing your stuff on someone else’s site, that’s like walking into a stranger’s house and making yourself a cuppa! Well maybe not that bad, but rude nonetheless :) .

  11. Hi Alli, interesting article, but I’m wondering (because I’m hoping to hell I’m not an offender) what would you consider as spam for a blogger who has a facebook and twitter page? Is putting your latest post one or two times on FB and Twitter considered as spam? If not what? Or are you talking specifically about businesses? Just seeking some clarification – like I said, I’d hate to be an offender and not know… thanks, Jacqui

    • Alli says:

      Hi lovely! No, that would not be considered spam – but promoting your blog on someone else’s page (without asking them) would be – as is advertising your latest sale on someone else’s page, saying hi to someone and then adding that you’re having a sale and so on. I always add my latest blog entry at least a couple of times (spaced out) on both Twitter and FB – that’s just smart! x

  12. katepickle says:

    I have been having that problem a lot lately on my facebook page and it always amazes me. Surely these people know that it isn’t a positive way to promote their business? I am beginning to think that they just don’t care because, as you said, all I do is hide them, so nothing bad really happens except they get me, one little person, off side. At least on twitter if someone spams me I can report them.. though I’m not sure that does anything either…

    • Alli says:

      I know! It amazes me that when people do it to them they don’t get annoyed and then realise – oh! this is kind of annoying, maybe I should stop doing it to others…! x

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