Love Numbers? Here are 5 Career Opportunities for You

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If you’re someone who loves facts and figures, pursuing a field that lets you use your analytical side is probably where you’ll find the most long term job satisfaction.

While many people forge careers working in the financial sector or accounting teams of large corporations, there may be some jobs that are perfect for you beyond typical finance jobs.

Below you’ll find five potential careers to consider:

1. Human Resources Analyst

Human Resources is as much about numbers as it is about people, particularly when it comes to identifying ways that an organisation can maximise profit and efficiency. Human Resources Analysts are vital to organisations like Chandler Macleod who go beyond recruitment and labour hire to offer services like Payroll & HR Technology, Managed Workforces and a full range of consultancy services.

2. Stockbroker

If you want to work in the financial sector without necessarily staying in accounting jobs, you may love being a stockbroker. Working with investments and securities can be an exhilarating career path where no two days at work are ever the same.

Stockbrokers typically handle buying and selling stocks, bonds and other securities and investments for personal and business clients. An understanding of the financial sector, excellent judgement and sound business knowledge will help you succeed in this type of role.

3. Insurance Underwriter

Have you ever wondered how insurance companies set their premiums and excesses? Underwriters are the ones who assess risks and make recommendations to insurance companies. In this role you may be asked to make judgement calls on whether insurance should be offered to individuals and corporations based on your analysis of the potential risk.

 4. Astronomer

From the stars and planets in our own solar system to those in other galaxies, astronomy uses science, physics and mathematics to research and understand the entire universe. It’s a highly competitive but fascinating field to find work in and one that continues to evolve with the advent of new technology. Most astronomers will specialise in a particular field and will have to spend many years studying; a PhD in astronomy or physics is the minimum education that most employed astronomers have.


5. Surveyor

If the idea of spending your working life indoors fills you with dread, you may be suited to a field based technical role like surveying. It’s a great way to ensure that there is still a sense of adventure and being outside in your day to day life. From determining property boundaries to mining exploration and as a member of the team on big construction projects, surveying is another diverse field for you to consider forging a career in.

People often assume that accounting, banking and bookkeeping are the best jobs for people who are mathematically minded. While these are all potentially fulfilling career paths for you to consider, you don’t need to limit yourself to the financial sector unless that’s where your passion lies.

Do you use maths and numbers in your job? What do you do?

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