Hey Mumma, shake your booty, move your ass

mummy exercisesDo You suffer back pain, sore shoulders, tight hips, limited flexibility in the movement of your body? Perhaps you suffer high blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels, excess body fat around your waist and hips. These could all be caused by sitting for long periods of time in front of the computer or other device.

Straighten the Crick in Your Neck.

STOP! DON’T MOVE! Take a moment to assess your current posture as you sit and read this article. Where is your head in relation to your shoulders? Are you holding it forward slightly? How is your neck feeling? When you pick up the phone to make or take a call, do you cradle it to your ear with your shoulder? These seemingly harmless and often subconscious actions can cause neck strain and imbalances, sore shoulders and back.

Sitting for Long Periods in Your Day?

Believe it or not, sitting for long periods of time can actually cause more back pain than standing. While you are standing your spine is in what is called a neutral position, however when you sit, your spine is put under pressure and this pressure increases the more you hunch over your computer.

Minimise the Pressure, Move Your Ass

As every busy Mumpreneur would know, there is an element in every business that requires you to sit at your desk or computer for long periods of time. Or perhaps your business requires you to spend hours driving, well here are some tips to help relieve the pressure on your spine and minimise a sore back and neck.

1. Get up at regular intervals, stretch and move about. Generally, just move your ass! Do a little jig, put some music on and shake your booty with the kids for 5 minutes, straighten out that spine and get the blood pumping again.

2. Stretch – if your business requires you to sit at your desk or computer for a good chunk of the day, set yourself a calendar reminder to stop and stretch, it will only take 3 minutes but will do you the world of good.

Here are some great stretches you can include; Hold each stretch for 30 seconds before moving on to the next one.

neck stretchNeck – sit on the edge of your chair, back straight, pull your shoulders down away from your ears, tip your head to one side pushing your ear down towards your shoulder, gently pull down on the top of your head to feel the stretch down the side of your neck. Bring your head back to the middle, and repeat on the other side. Finally tilt your head forward, resting your chin on your chest to feel the stretch up the back of your neck.

shoulder stretch

Shoulders – in a sitting or standing position, reach up and clasp your hands behind head. Lift your chest up, drop your shoulders and push your elbows back, release. Repeat.


back stretch

Back – sit squarely in your chair, bottom right at the back of the seat, with your feet flat on the floor, reach over and grab your ankles, using your right hand reach up behind you towards the ceiling. If you have a high back chair, you can grab the top of it, hold, release and repeat on the other side.


Shake Your Booty, Move Your Ass

Physical wellness is not all about going to the gym regularly, it’s not about being the super skinny model or the size 8 model. Physical wellness is, in my opinion, about being able to do what you need to do on a daily basis easily and comfortably without pain. It is about being active and enjoying life. Exercising regularly will help improve your physical wellness, but exercise classes are not for everyone. So if you hate the gym, can’t stand the thought of going to a group fitness class, or cringe at the thought of being sweaty, then there are a multitude of ways to be physically well. Here are some alternatives you may consider trying;

  • Dancing (either taking lessons, or just shaking your booty in the privacy of your own lounge)
  • Hiking
  • Playing ball with the kids in the back yard
  • Yoga

Whatever you decide to embark on, make it fun and you won’t know you are exercising!


stretches for mums


Written by Tina Horwood of FIIT Mumma, a past fatty, mum of two and personal trainer, Tina’s passion for fitness and her own journey to a healthy fit lifestyle inspires Mummas across Australia to achieve their own ultimate body goal.

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  1. I feel back pain while keep on sitting, thanks for sharing the exercise

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