Connect with your Intuition and Personal Power

intuitionIntuition is quite a challenging term to define as it is known by many different names to those who seek to connect with it. These include your inner light, internal wisdom, inner voice, gut instinct and a feeling of knowing. Your personal power relates to your intuition, as it is the strength that you connect with and draw upon during challenge times. It’s that fire power that just keeps you going when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. It reminds you of your big vision for your life and the reasons why you get up every morning and forge on, and is especially handy to have around for the times that you are exhausted and just want to give it all up for a quieter, easier life. This power is like a never ending pool of pure awesomeness for you to connect with whenever you need to. Stepping into your personal power is about moving into a space within yourself where you believe in your ability to achieve whatever you want in your life. The best way to achieve this is to dedicate time to regularly connect with this power to harness it for your success.

Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools you possess in your toolkit and should never be underestimated. One of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs of our time, Steve Jobs referred to intuition as ‘more powerful than intellect’. It can help you in all aspects of your life including, determining the type of work you want to do and whether it is the right fit for you and what you want to achieve in your life. This amazing wisdom is always present within you. It is yours to access, whenever you need it. Many times we spend looking around us for the answers we seek, never realising the answers we seek often lie within us, waiting to be discovered. Our own pearls of wisdom, the invaluable jewels we possess.

I resonate most strongly with the term inner light, because connecting with my intuition has always been like switching on a light inside my heart and soul and filling them with a warm feeling of connectedness to all that there is within this world and beyond. During times of perceived darkness, fear and uncertainty, my intuition and personal power have been what I have relied upon to give me the strength to overcome challenges and remind me of who I am and what I have come here to do.

One of the biggest barriers to connecting with and trusting our intuition is fear. Fear of being wrong and failing. We get so caught up in our thinking and listen to it, that we second guess ourselves and doubt what our heart is telling us. It’s not our fault. It’s simply part of our human design. Having the awareness that is what is actually going on is a massive leap in a positive direction, as it can help you begin to fear less and trust more.

Exercise for connecting with your heart

Below is a simple exercise to connect with your intuition:

Visualise a green circle in front of your chest. I use green, because it is the colour I associate with the heart chakra and healing. Visualise this green circle growing bigger with each breath you take in and out, until it is the size of your body and you feel the warmth of this healing green energy envelope you, like a delightful energetic hug. This is the energy of your heart space, your intuition, and it comes directly from within you. When you’re ready, ask your heart what it wants you to know at this time.

The heart chakra is your feeling centre and this exercise is a great one to do when you want to know if a decision feels right. I often refer to my mantra “if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it” when I need to make major decisions.

Exercise for letting go

This bubble visualisation is a great exercise to use at the end of the day before going to bed. It can be used for dispersing of mummy guilt that has built up over the day or letting go of fear and other negative emotions that are holding you back from making positive changes in your life.

Visualise yourself sitting on a beautiful beach looking out at the sea, watching the waves flow in and out. In front of you see a large clear bubble appear. Place all of your negative thoughts and feelings that have accumulated over the day or have been floating about in your mind for some time, into this bubble.

Visualise yourself holding a needle. Then use this needle to prick the bubble. Watch the thoughts and feelings you have placed in this bubble turn into grains of sand as they fall to the ground. Ask the Universe for this energy to be absorbed by Mother Earth, regenerated into positive life force energy, and be used for the healing benefit of the planet. Take a big deep breathe in and out, letting go of this energy now and allow yourself to float off to the dream plane, for a restful night’s sleep.

These are very simple exercises and a good place to start. When you are ready for something new, try my meditation for opening and closing of the chakras. This exercise is designed for doing intuitive development work, such as clearing your chakras of unproductive energy to get them operating efficiently.

Feeling disconnected?

This will happen from time to time as life throws challenges on your path. Don’t worry. It happens to everyone, you are not alone. Your strength and energy may wane and fear and doubts will find their way into your thinking. When you feel this happen (usually I feel it through my digestive system in my stomach, chest and throat and get a series of cough and cold type viruses), simply STOP. Give yourself permission to sit down at the end of the day when the house is quiet, order is restored from chaos and the kids are in bed sleeping. Ignore the endless amounts of chores awaiting your attention. Go back to basics when connecting with your true self. Focus your attention on your heart chakra and breathe in and out slowly. Breathe in the light and breathe out the fear, anxiety and stress. Right here, in this exact moment, all is well and you are exactly where you need to be in your life.


So what are you waiting for? Go forth, start connecting with your intuition and dance in your personal power warrior woman!




Melissa Mills from Like Minded Souls Natural Therapies, offers mobile massage, Reiki healing and intuitive readings across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


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