Accessories that never let you down!

accessories for mumsHello my lovely fellow Motivating Mums!

This blog is created to help you use accessorise in your outfit. They can really take your outfit from zero to hero and are a very powerful addition, if you use them the right way.
During my style meet-ups with clients, I hear a lot of women say: “I don’t know how to accessorise”.

“Where do I start? Which accessories do I pick? How to do it right?”

Accessories really finish an outfit and offer a great opportunity to give your outfit personal flair. They can change an outfit from day to night, from casual to formal or from work to play. Accessories allow you to divert the attention from an area where you don’t want the eye to go to. You can use accessories to create different moods, add personality or dress up an outfit or dress down.

Think of the occasion you’re dressing for and what you want to express. Like Iris Apfel says: “Dress to please yourself!”.

Here is what to have in your wardrobe to jazz up your style and how to use them:


Ahh shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes? With them, you can make a statement in your outfit. You can wear an all black outfit and let the shoes do the talking. Or you can dress up an outfit with some striking heels. They can really be a conversation starter.

They don’t have to match anymore with bags these days, but if you prefer that, then go with that. Just make sure they look good and don’t wear them if they have seen better days, it will ruin your look.

Have a pair of boots for winter, sandals for summer, a pair of heels and/or wedges in your wardrobe to match your outfits.
personal style


Another way to make a fabulous statement is to throw a funky bag into the mix. If funky is not your style, play it classic.

If you’re wearing all neutrals, bring in a bag with a pop of colour or texture, that way your basic outfit will get an instant lift.

Have a tote bag, a shoulder bag and an evening bag ready for every occasion and make sure it is in proportion to your body scale. This accessory will have a great impact on your look.
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I love to add a scarf to an outfit, it transforms your look. There are so many ways to wear a scarf, play around and see which one works for you or check out Youtube for tutorials for inspiration.

It is so easy to accessorise with a scarf, they can pick up a mood instantly with bright colours, stunning patterns or lovely textures. They do they job wonderfully and there is something so chic and French about them.
personal style


With jewellery you can divert the eye to the face. Your face should always be your focal point and with a stunning necklace or some gorgeous earrings you can achieve that. If you talk a lot with your hands or are at a party with a glass of champers in your hand, wear some eye catching bracelets or some statement rings. With this, make sure your hands are neatly manicured.

Look at pieces that match your personality and think of the occasion you’re dressing for, whether you need to dress up or dress down.

It should always complement your outfit, and look for necklaces that work well with certain necklines. Not everything can be worn together!
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These are the main accessories that we all use, but if you want to take this further and really get the hang of it, play around with hats, belts and sunnies.

Make sure all your accessories are visible to you and keep them in easy reach for everyday use, that way you don’t forget about them.

I hope this has inspired you for accessorising your next great outfit for work, business, kids/school events or cocktail party!

If you have any questions about anything style, send me an email or give me a call on 0402 824846.


personal brandingMieke Krijgsman, Personal Stylist

Mieke Krijgsman is a Personal Stylist, her business Smart Styling provides styling tips for Mum-preneurs! “I love helping women find their own unique style. I’m a firm believer that dressing and shopping should be fun.”

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  1. Aniya says:

    I have to confess, I’ve never been a light packer. I’m the type of person who has two ensembles for every day of the week. I never understand what I’ll so I make sure to have at least three choices for every possible night on the town like when going out feel. That means all of those accessories, earring, and shoes.I just have an anxiety about leaving something I might really want at home

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